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Want to show off your classic car this summer?

Bring your vintage automobile into Butler's Repair Shop for amazing, high quality service. You'll truly be amazed at how gorgeous your car can look, just in time to cruise along the beach! 

Restore your vintage hot rod

Has your luxurious, classic car been sitting in the shed for too long? Ready to spice it up, so you can take it out on the town this summer to show off your class? Bring your beauty to Butler's Auto Repair! You'll be shocked by the stunningly beautiful outcome! Whether you are coming in for a quick tune up or just a touch up, you've come to the right place.

Hiccups can be a major problem

When working with older, vintage vehicles, any small problem can lead to destruction, and very quickly. If you are noticing any tweaks, pulls, or other difficulties with your classic car, don't ignore it! Our ASE certified professional staff will find and repair every potential rupture under the hood and have your car running like it's brand new!

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For professional, ASE certified classic car 
repair stop in or call now!



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